Friday, September 2, 2011

Caption This!

If you haven't all ready checked this out on the you should take a moment
to have a peek at it - it's called CAPTION THIS! where I post a quickly drawn cartoon (scribbles) and invite readers to comment. It is now going on it's second month and many of the 'captioneers' are so clever and funny.
On captioning: It is whatever pops into your mind at the moment you see the scribble.
There are two ways to caption: I share the link on my Facebook page and you can caption there OR visit the beehive and follow a few short steps to add your comment/caption.
It is a good brain teaser for some and loads of smart-ass fun for the rest of us.
Plus, it's like your daily cartoon only interactive. Enjoy it, have fun and share it.
~SWParra - creator of CaptionThis!

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