Saturday, July 2, 2011

Drawing caricatures


Master of Summer Arts

Jim Spalding has been the program director of the CSU Summer Arts program which has been hosted
at the campus of Fresno State for the last 13 years. This Sunday's Spotlight includes a Donald Munro profile of Mr. Spalding who will retire after this year.
We wanted to do something a little different on the cover than use a portrait photo, considering the colorful character that Spalding is known and the fact that this is an Arts program. So, I had the opportunity to create this watercolor portrait based on a photo by Eric paul Zamora of The Fresno Bee.
The translucent quality of watercolor allows for a richness and vibrancy of color and I felt that was an appropriate approach to the subject matter.
So, for my friends outside the Fresno area here's a look at Sunday's cover - you can see and read more at
As always, let me know what you think. ~SWParra