Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Parra Design Success

The family reunion was a great event and the turnout was terrific! Each of the families designed and wore different colored shirts. This is my family clad in the purple with the my interpretation of the family crest.

I have taken the design and created a CASA DE PARRA online store via CafePress for family or friends interested in wearing the design.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Parra Family Crest redesign project

I just completed a graphic design for The Parra Family Reunion.
(original penciled sketches shown)

The concept was started at the end of April and was inspired by research of the Parra family crest/coat of arms /heraldic symbol definitions.

Each of the Parra families attending the reunion will be wearing different colored shirts, my father's will be purple (the color was used to designate royalty so, I'm cool with that.) Historically, the Parra family colors are white and blue.

During the design process I also created another logo to be printed on the sleeve or lower hem of the shirt but, I ran short on time of making that happen. Even so the shirts turned out pretty cool - a mock up is shown below.

The final designs evolved and are viewable at an online shirt store I set up for family that might have an interest in showing off their Parra pride. If not at the Parra Reunion well, just about anywhere else you happen to roadtrip.
~SW Parra