Thursday, December 30, 2010

A look back at 2010

Some of the editorial cartoons published in The Fresno Bee last year, this page will be available in print tomorrow morning. Here is a sneak peek, click on the image to view larger:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 2011

As some of my readers may know I have been drawing and contributing editorial cartoons for The Fresno Bee during the last 10-plus years. This week the annual 'Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year' book was released and of my 5 submissions 2 are included in the book. The book is available at Amazon and most major book retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Borders, it has also been a labor of love for editor Charles Brooks a former editorial cartoonist of the Birmingham News.

All of the cartoons in the book were published in 2010. One of my earlier cartoons from the year dealt with the eroding financial budgets of public education and the other cartoon was a look at California's deficit spending problem.

As always let me know what you think. Kind regards.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

How We Watch TV

For many of the baby-boom generation the image of family gathered around a TV set during the evening watching their favorite television program is a fond memory. Early television was a monumental stride in technology that allowed families a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment, news and sports viewing.
In those days watching TV was generally limited to the living room where most families only owned one set.
These days we are connected in a growing number of ways to watch our favorite shows or catch up on the latest sports action. Technology making more monumental strides.

This Sunday in The Fresno Bee's Spotlight, reporter Rick Bentley shares most all the ways we can now watch TV - from the comfort of our living rooms to the on-the-go mobility of our cell phones.

For this current illustration I sought to find a way to show how times have changed, on the cover is the early TV family and inside each member is separated by the use of their own viewing device. Here are a couple of sketches I used to build the illustration(s). ~SWP