Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Concerts in the Park

   Here is a little "free association" design work for the section cover of this week's Spotlight. Bee reporter Mike Osegueda gives us a look at the KISS Country's monthly $5 concerts at the Woodward Park Amphitheater - as in the past these concerts showcase new talent. The next concert is Tuesday at 6:45pm.
   The face of new talent is not always an apparent selling point for a section cover especially if they are relatively unknown to the community. Therefore, I decided that an illustration to associate the idea of music and outdoors would work best. There are times that less is more.
   If you get the concert let me know how it was OR if I make it then I'll share it with you!
   As always if you like or don't like my design let me know - I'm always interested in some feedback. ~SWP

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