Thursday, April 21, 2011

Black Shamrock Media logo project

Logos are such an important identifier for businesses - it is that one small piece of visual information that stays in the mind's eye. Many of us are familiar with Target and it's logo and FEDEX has an arrow built into the negative space of its lettering. These images connect for us the services or merchandise we seek to have provided. Earlier in the month I was commissioned to come up with a logo for Black Shamrock Media. Like all of my art and design commissions this one required a fair amount of research - the more knowledgeable I am about the subject matter the better the final artwork.
The client is proud of his Irish heritage and the Shamrock is a revered and historic symbol to that culture, therefore, it needed to be presented repectfully.
Another element of the design would need to reflect the business itself. Black Shamrock Media creates videos for it's clients, enabling them to post professional quality feeds on YouTube and various other social media.
Finally, the proprietor is a professional photographer with a journalistic and studio photography background. The process to create a meaningful logo for the client takes many turns. I will sketch numerous concepts before offering at least 3 concepts for consideration. When one is accepted I take that and offer 3 more variations. Some times its possible to takes parts of one design and combine it with others. It is almost like working with clay. Each successive design is redesigned to achieve the ultimate goal. A logo that illustrates a relationship to the business and their potential clients. Below are the final designs. ~SWParra

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