Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here come the Holidays!

So, Halloween just faded off into the darkness and by the next morning we were greeted by November. That means that the leaves are falling, football season is midway through and jolly
ol' St. Nick merchandise is already on display in shopping venues around the country.

Whoa. What about Thanksgiving? Gobble-gobble-fat-turkey and all of its festivities is truly an American tradition but, there is not much gift exchanging during this eaters holiday - unless it happens to fall on your birthday. One other thing though, it signals the beginning of Holiday Movie Season.

This Sunday in The Fresno Bee's Spotlight writer Rick Bentley gives us a low down on all the
upcoming titles due to a movie theater near you. If you are in the Fresno area pick up a Sunday paper and check it out - if not, you can always check it out online.

Here is the cover design for this weekends section ~ Happy Holidays!


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